Singapore Sancheendo Martial Arts Institute


Belt Progression/ Taizuquan Training


 Belt Level
 Sparring Self Defence
 Yellow 1
 GongZiQuan 1 工字拳(1)  Three Step Sparring: Parries for high middle and low punches
 Full Yellow
 GongZiQuan 2 工字拳(2)  One Step Sparring: 1-3
 Green 1 GongLiQuan  1 功力拳 (1)
 One Step Sparring: 4-6
 Full Green
 GongLiQuan  2 功力拳 (2)
 One Step Sparring:7-9
 Blue 1
 Liaozhan Quan 1 撩战拳 (上)  One Step Sparring: 10-12
 Full Blue
 Liaozhan Quan 2 撩战拳 (下)  One Step Sparring: 13-15
 Brown 3
 Mixed Singapore Fist 新加拳  Sparring + Brown belt self defence techniques
 Brown 2 Sancheen 1 太祖三战拳   Sparring + Brown belt self defence techniques
 Brown 1
 Sancheen 2 五祖三战拳  Sparring + Brown belt self defence techniques
 Full Brown
 Sancheen 3 天地战拳 3 Sparring + Brown belt self defence techniques
 Black Wuguan 1 五关拳 Black belt self defence techniques
 Full Black* Adv Black belt forms/weapons*
 Black belt self defence techniques
 Further Dan* 
 Adv Blackbelt forms/ weapons*  Black belt self defence techniques

 *A total of approximately 40  additional two man forms,  empty hand and weapons forms are available for blackbelters. 


Sancheendo Institute has a strong tradition for training the toughest fighters for sanda. Our members have won numerous medals since the inception of our club. Many of our instructors are grizzled veterans in the combat ring and is happy to share their experiences with our students.

Please contact us for further details about Sanda.





Resilience and conditioning

Sancheendo Martial Arts institute provides training also for the toughening of limbs and body for combative purposes. Sandbag hitting and shin toughening forms an important part of Sancheendo training. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine are used for this purpose. The institute also sells liniments and balms catered specifically for the purpose of strengthening the bones and muscle. Please visit our Shop for details. 





Weapons training is an essential part of Sancheendo's advanced syllabus. The weapons that we study include the Tonfa, Sai, Short double sticks, Single Short Stick, Two headed Staff, Single Headed Staff, Broadsword, Double Broadsword, Daggers, Chinese halberd, and trident. However training in weapons require a strong foundation in the empty fists and currently only Full blackbelts study weapons.