Singapore Sancheendo Martial Arts Institute

Sancheendo shop

The institute sells a number of TCM products with a focus on improving the tendons, bones and muscles used especially in high impact training such as conditioning. Please contact us for more details.

 跌打药酒: (Jiu) Alcohol based Chinese Hard training liniment used in hot weather like Singapore, promotes blood circulation, muscle repair and bones strengthening. Used while toughening the forearms, fists, backfists, palms, and shins.

 跌打药油: (You) Oil based Chinese Hard training liniment  used for muscle aches and strengthening of bones while training in  resilience and conditioning.

万金油:(Balm) Used for insect bites, muscle aches and for toughening the body while training.

 Prices generally is around $10 a bottle, please contact us for further details.