Singapore Sancheendo Martial Arts Institute

Frequently asked questions

1. You guys are called Sancheendo, wearing Japanese styled Gi's, have a Japanese belt system. How can you still claim to be Chinese?

A: We need to first understand the history of the style and the general conception of chinese martial arts during the 70s when Sancheendo was created. In the 60s, people who practice Chinese martial arts in Singapore were usually associated with the triads. In an attempt to break ourselves from that label the school was named Sancheendo and adopted the Taiwanese style to wear the more readily available Gi's during training. Having a belt system we present ourselves as a proper school with structured syllabus. We do not do any Japanese forms, we do not know any.

2. Sancheendo is definitely a Japanese or Korean name, it is not Chinese. Chinese schools using the word "Do" is not authentic.

A:  It is true that the correct spelling for 三战 is Samchian in the Chinese Minnan language, however  variations of the spelling do appear, we have used  the name for more than 40 years, the name is stuck with us.  Do is 道 in the Chinese language, it is not exclusively Japanese or Korean. In fact the first mention of the word 道 for martial arts is Chinese.
in the Eastern Han Dynasty text 吴越春秋,the word "剑道‘ was mentioned. In 汉书。艺文志, there is mention of an ancient Chinese swordsmanship manual named '剑道三十八篇“. However, whats in a name.  We practice authentic Chinese martial arts with a traceable lineage, that is more important. 

3. Do you do Conditioning training?

A: Yes we do. But we do not provide free medicine, students are encouraged to buy their own.

4. How can we study from your school?

A: Please look at the contacts page.

5. I know you guys do Taichor Kun, but I've hear you do Ngo Chor Kun from Chua Geok Beng's line as well.

A: We do have forms from Ngo Chor Kun in particularly from the Sim Yong Teck lineage as an instructor of Geok Beng Pugilistic Association, Sifu Lim Wee Cheok is recognised as the 师叔 (senior) of our founder.

6.Why are the fees so cheap, is the quality of the training bad?

A: The best things in life are free, most of our fees goes to the Residents Communities who so kindly allowed us to train at their venue. The training you will receive will be useful and effective in a self defence situation. If you think it is too cheap to be useful, we are happy to accept more.

7. I have a black belt in various karate and hapkido. Would you give me a blackbelt if i pay all the appropriate fees without doing the training?

A: No.

8. I am just interested in doing Sancheen, can I just practice Sancheen without doing the basic forms?

A: No, the basic forms will prepare you for Sancheen.

9: Is Sancheendo a mixture of different arts like Judo, Karate, Taichor and Boxing?

A: Although we do cross train as many of our instructors are also trainers from other martial arts discipline, our main syllabus remain strictly Taichor Kun with slight modifications by Sifu Teo. All modifications are explained to the students so they would know what is traditional and what isn't. 



by Dominic Lim, April 2013